More AoC Questions
Answered by its Developers

Age of Conan is nearing launch, only one month away as of today.
Athelan has still been taking time out of his schedule to visit our
readers here at Ten Ton Hammer to answer more questions in regards to
the widely anticipated game.

: We've all heard Age of Conan of being a massive
online world... and about how detailed it is. My question is how "open"
is this massive world? Is it more linear (but not nessarily instanced)
like Guild Wars? Where the zones are long paths all connected together?
Or is it like Everquest where there are large open zones to explore?"

Athelan: Somewhere
in between. A lot of the outdoor areas are
laid out more like an Everquest expansive play area but then have
smaller areas of game-play where you find more detailed content."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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