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With the launch of Ten Ton Hammer's Age of Conan Ask the Devs feature,
the forums
have been overflowing with questions that fans want
answered. Jason "Athelan" Stone has stepped up as Funcom representative

answer those very questions. For those of you who like just the meat
and potatoes, we have compiled a list of this week's questions and

This week was a busy one! Athelan answered no less than 23 of our
readers questions.

We are going to try to make sure we have servers to
support the demand
at launch of all types. I know this sounds vague but we cannot commit
to the number of servers until we gauge better the interest. If the
demand is seen enough to populate a server for RP PvE then we will
likely have it, but so far the demand for that has been much lower than
the demand seen for RP-PvP, PVP, and PvE... The problem is we are not
talking about enough RP PVE'ers to warrant one server we are talking
about servers in each region. So the demand has to be there in the
different areas.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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