The APB: Reloaded team has returned this week with a new blog and update on closed beta registration. After a very lengthy entries in the week 11 and week 12 blogs, week 13 takes a step back to a much smaller update but with an important deadline. In order to be considered for the first wave of upcoming APB: Reloaded closed beta keys, you'll need to submit your email by midnight on February 15th, 2011.

Once registration closes, players will be assigned a Beta Registration ID, which will include a custom link that will take players to the actual Beta Activation page where they can then move onto the next phase of beta registration using their GamersFirst ID.

Once that registration closes, you will be assigned a Beta Registration ID. You will receive an email with this ID along with a custom link that will take you to the actual Beta Activation page. You need to log in to this page using your Gamersfirst ID, then you will need to fill out various survey questions, test a couple of ping times from your system to some of our sample locations, submit you DxDiag info, and then agree to the Closed Beta NDA. Presuming you fill all this out correctly, after passing the basic information review we will then activate beta access to the game using your specific Gamersfirst account.

The first closed beta is tentatively scheduled to begin during the week of February 28th. Check out the full APB: Reloaded blog for more details about the upcoming closed beta.

Be sure to check out our interview with APB: Reloaded Producer Jon-Enée Merriex for more.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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