Be Afraid, Folks! Cody
the Cyborg is Reproducing...

In a gaming man's life, there isn't anything more life-changing than
finding out your wife is pregnant. To begin the 2008, Ten Ton Hammer's
Cody "Micajah" Bye starts off his blog with a quick apology then cuts
to the heart of the matter of why he's been so lax on blogging: his
wife's pregnancy. Things have changed in Cody's household, and he has a
few pieces of advice for individuals in the same situation.

However, when your wife is pregnant she sleeps…and
sleeps…and sleeps.
This is the perfect time for gaming (if you don't need to do anything
else). Once the wife is unconscious, slip your headphones on and enter
your worlds of fantasy. Don't attempt to jump on TeamSpeak or Ventrillo
though, one poor peep out of you may cause the wife to wake up - and if
it's because of gaming, you probably won't be on her good side for the
near future.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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