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No BoE?

If you have been hoping for item bind on equips (BoE) or have been cringing at the very concept get ready. This thread began discussing the topic of item BoE's coming to Age of Conan. Oliver 'Tarib' Kunz chimed in to let everyone know the system is on it's way, but was postponed to work out a few kinks. This has never been one of my favorite mechanics so chime in and tell us what you think. BoE good idea or an unnecessary pain? Let us know.

Update Notes 17th of July

Funcom's Senior Community Manager for AoC, Oliver 'Tarib' Kunz began this thread to provide players with the patch notes as well as the reasoning behind any changes made to the game to better elaborate why those changes were made for the community. The original post explains in detail many of the reasons behind a lot of the changes. The community has been responding positively to the increased attempt by Funcom to explain the reasoning behind their work. Give it a look and share your feedback. Funcom is looking for constructive feedback on the changes making this a good place to have your voice heard.

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Mirage UI has released a new updated version.

Casting Nerfed But No Change To Combo Queing...

Despite the name this thread is a fairly decent source for PvP discussion on some of the latest changes. There is a degree of whining, but overall the discussion is pretty good and if your looking for a good place to read up or talk about some of the latest changes this is the thread to do it.

Mirage UI Modded 7-17-08

There is a new updated Mirage UI out there if you guys are looking one. You can discuss it in this thread and download the file here.


AoC Ten Ton Hammer Threads of the Week

What are the TOP PVP classes at lvl 80 ?

This discussion debates that age old topic of who is the better killer. Join in and tell us who you think the best PvP class is post 80. Will it be the melee, the squishy casters, the rogues, or those healing maniacs the priest?

Necro Roll Call - Sound Off!

How many of you necromancers are still alive and kicking. Well... as alive as any master of the dead can be considered that is. Notleh the AoC Ten Ton Hammer volunteer necromancer class rep wants to know. If you are one of these masters of the walking dead make sure to chime in and answer the necro role call.

The Daily "It Made Me Laugh!"

Do you need a good laugh? This thread is a popular one for our members and contains a lot of good laughs. Read through and have yourself a laugh or share a bit of your own humor with our community.


Weekly Funny With The Tuk

What do you get when you have an idiot who can't figure out how to operate a simple door trying to pull (Pull being a keyword here. Watch the video. You'll see what I did there.) off a bank robbery? You get this week's funny.

Door vs Bank Robber

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This week Machail expresses his dislike of kill stealers.


Ten Ton Comics

Lost In Hyboria - "A Little Help From A Friend"

This week our heroes learn the ways of Hyboria and Machail expresses his disapproval as our crew encounter a high level kill stealer.


This Week's AoC Ten Ton Hammer Hot Content

This week AoC officially launched and Ten Ton Hammer has rolled out a ton of new content, videos, and guides. In case you missed it here is all the great content from this past week alone.


Class Info


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