There's nothing quite like a fresh hands-on preview to get the blood pumping, especially when those hands are clasping the enigmatic goodness that is Darkfall. Dalmarus recently had a chance to dive into the game and put it through the paces... or did he get put through the paces? The game and community aren't without fault, but Darkfall provided him a welcoming breath of fresh air with its in-your-face combat. Read on to find out why Dalmarus can't wait to dish out some payback when the game goes live!

I can sum up my favorite thing about Darkfall in one brief sentence. You and your target move during combat. Until I started playing Darkfall, I really never gave the idea much thought, but looking back now, the mobs in virtually every other game I play are generally static, at least until they get below 20% health and begin to run away. If that's what you expect out of Darkfall's combat, you couldn't be more wrong... and I bet you'll love the fact.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016