style="font-style: italic;">Empire of Sports
has recently opened it's servers to the general public for it's
“Prologue” phase, as Swiss-based developers F4
ready the game for it's official launch sometime early next
year.  The free-to-play title consists of various sporting
events – such as tennis, football, skiing and basketball - in
which you'll train your avatar up, grow their skill sets and attempt to
become the best in the World of Sport.

Though I don't personally have any experience playing Empire of Sports
as of yet, the game does seem to share certain similarities with the
way style="font-style: italic;">Guild Wars
is structured.  There are social hubs in which you can
interact with larger groups of other players, form 'teams' and then
enter various arenas to compete in events.  You'll also have
the option to compete solo with the assistance of AI driven teammates,
though much like GW it seems you'll get much more out of the experience
when you participate with other players, especially when you get into
some of the larger matches like 11 vs. 11 football.

For those of you with busy schedules who may not have time to make it
to the gym on a regular basis, Empire of Sports will also have a
virtual gym where you can watch your avatar do the sweating for
you!  In the process, they'll be able to train up certain
things such as endurance, coordination and accuracy that will help them
to perform better during competitions.

The Prologue phase is already underway, so to learn more about Empire
of Sports and to download the free client, be sure to visit their href="">official site!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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