Raining fire from the heavens. Freezing your enemies in place. Lancing
enough static electricity through an enemy to make all their fur stand
on end. These are the attacks of href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/taxonomy/term/1841"
Magus, and Ten Ton Hammer is pleased to present details on this class
in our third exclusive interview with Quest Online’s System
Designer, Hue Henry. We’ve already touched upon the href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/66358" target="_blank">Soldier
and the target="_blank">Ranger, so this magically
proficient, AoE destroyer seemed to
be the perfect fit for this interview. Want to learn how you to melt
the faces off your enemies in Alganon?
Keep on reading!

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Ten Ton Hammer: In the
overview of the Magus on the official website, you state that the class
is a master of destruction. Does this mean that the Magus is designed
to have the highest DPS in the game? Or close to the highest DPS?

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Hue Henry: With
our dual role system, we look to have all classes that fit the same
role to be able to perform that role in a balanced way. Although there
may be some small tradeoffs with classes that may play a slightly more
hybrid role, for the most part all DPS classes will be balanced in DPS.

Interestingly, the Magus is the only class where their core role is
area-of-effect damage. All Magi, no matter what their specialization,
will be excited to see a room full of enemies they can mow down like a
chainsaw through warm butter. A Magus is truly a master of destruction.

However, like all our classes, their primary role is not the only role
they can undertake. A Magus can do more than just AoE; they can also
specialize in a secondary role. A Magus who specializes in Fire spells
can also focus their damage on a single target. A Magus who specializes
in Storm (electrical) spells will find that their spells also have an
effect on the enemy AI and movement, allowing them to keep an enemy at
range, to manage the threat generated by themselves and others, and to
prevent their allies from becoming debuffed. Lastly, a Magus who
specializes in Ice can use their control over the elements to enhance
their Ice Elemental to the point where it can act as a multiple-target
tank, swooping up groups of enemies and keeping them from flooding the
party's healers and DPSers.

Ten Ton Hammer: Can you
describe the affinities traits for us a little bit? Is this the same
sort of thing as the specializations? Or is this something different?
How can a character gain Affinity?

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HH: The
Magus has three available affinities aside from the beginning neutral
essence Affinity. These affinities are accessed by summoning different
elementals. For example, when a Magus summons a Fire Elemental it is
considered to have the Fire Affinity. Certain spells are unavailable
depending on the active Affinity, while others gain secondary effects.
For example, when a Magus has Flame Affinity active, their spells will
effect fewer targets, but do more damage to those targets. When a Magus
has Frost Affinity active, their spells do less damage, but act to heal
and empower their Ice Elemental.

Ton Hammer: Will any
Magus be able to summon any of the elementals? Or will they be
something that's unlocked through the specialization system?

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HH: Although
they gain them at different levels, any Magus will be able to summon
any of the elementals. However, for the majority of these elementals,
the lore is that the Magus will merge with the elemental to become a
new, more powerful creature. Part Magus, part elemental, this being
will be able to perform actions more powerful than any Magus could
achieve on their own.

The exception to this is the Ice Elemental. For the most part, a Magus
will not want to merge with this elemental. Instead, they will send the
Ice Elemental into combat to act as a tank. The Magus is then able to
use their control over Ice to empower the Ice Elemental and transform
it in to a multiple-target tank, equal in ability to a Protection
Soldier or Guardianship Ranger.

Ten Ton Hammer: Can you
give us some examples of Magus offensive spells? Are we talking single
target destruction or are the Magus able to throw down AoEs as well?

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HH: A Magus
will have both single target spells, like the Flame Bolt spell that
hits a single target, and area-of-effect spells, like Ether Boil that
creates a rolling field of destructive energy and boils the very soul
of any enemy foolish enough to stand inside it. They also have spells
that fall somewhere in between, like Chain Lightning, and Flame Ball.

Flame Ball is a great example of a spell which is effective as both an
area-of-effect spell, and a single target spell. The weakest rank of
Flame Ball will do approximately 220 points of damage - more damage
than a Flame Bolt spell available at the same level. However, Flame
Ball will share this damage amongst all targets in a 10 unit range.
This means that if there is only one target in this area, it is a
powerful single-target spell. If there are multiple targets in the
area, it acts as an area-of-effect spell, damaging all the enemies at
the same time.

Ten Ton Hammer: What
about defensive spells? How do those work compared to a Healers buffs
or healing spells? Are they like character blocking walls?

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HH: For the
most part, a Magus's defensive spells will be buffs and heals that
effect only the Ice Elemental. A Magus that specializes in Ice will
find these abilities greatly enhanced.

A Magus that specializes in Storm will also find them able to control
the threat of themselves and their party. If your tank has difficulty
keeping aggro because of your crazy-mad DPS, consider bringing a Storm
Magus along to make things easier.

Ton Hammer:
Concerning equipment, what will a standard Magus be wearing when he/she
goes into combat? Robes and a staff? Or are we going to see some
heavily armored Magus?

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HH: A Magus
is a "glass cannon." They are limited to the light armor set. For the
most part, this will be robes and either a staff, or a dagger and an
offhand item. However, since Alganon
uses the categories of light, medium, and heavy armor, it is possible
that we can see mages in lightweight magical metal that looks very
different than the robes we are used to, but performs the same in

Ten Ton Hammer: Will any
of the races excel at being a Magus? Or are the races equal in skill?

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HH: At
launch the two races available are the Human and the Talrok. These two
races are the most balanced races of style="font-style: italic;">Alganon, and are
basically mirrors of one another. Neither one is better at being a
Magus than the other.

Future races, however, may have differentiation, but these other races
will come after launch, and much can be updated before they are
implemented. One thing we do not want is for players to feel like they
have sacrificed the ability to be a good player because they wanted to
look like a given race. We'll be able to say more about this when we
get closer to adding new races.

Ten Ton Hammer: Is there
anything else you can tell us about the Magus?

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HH: Like
all our classes, the Magus is designed to be dynamic and interesting
for those that like this archetype. We hope that the secondary ability
of a Magus to also be a tank or support class will make them more
exciting to play than just DPS, and will make it easier for them to
participate in a group. We are always looking for player input on how
we can make them even more fun, so if you have any suggestions, be sure
to stop by our forums and let us know!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016