Unleashing the Trooper

It's been a few weeks since the developers at NCsoft revealed anything
new about Exteel, but they've finally unleashed the wrath of the
Trooper Mechanaught upon the world! This mid-level combat machine is
high-priced, but it packs quite the punch! As this developer article
series continues, make sure you keep checking back in with Ten Ton
Hammer to view all the details of each Exteel Mechanaught!

style="font-style: italic;">The Trooper is the successor to
the venerable Frontliner and bests it at nearly every angle except
cost, energy output, and size. Totaling in at 54,000 credits, the
Trooper set costs over twice as much as the Frontliner, but is well
worth every credit for the pilot who just wants to get into combat and
wreck the enemy. The Trooper can absorb more damage, use energy more
efficiently (not to mention regenerate energy faster), is much more
responsive, and is a lot more accurate. A Trooper head has two
Mechanaught Processing Units (MPU), so a pilot can purchase and equip
two skills at any one time for a battle.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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