Few franchises have stood the test of time like LEGO, so when we learned that NetDevil would be developing the LEGO Universe (LU) MMOG it naturally caught our attention and we learned just how creative the developers have gotten with the IP at E3 2010. So much so, LU managed to capture two of our awards from E3, earning both the “Most Innovative” and “Best of Show” awards. Ten Ton Hammer was recently invited into the LU beta to check out the game and while we can’t talk about everything that we’ve had the chance to experience, we can discuss one of the worlds in LU as the NDA for the Gnarled Forest has been lifted. What we learned is that the pirates of the Gnarled Forest not only have the Maelstrom to deal with, but also ninjas and pistol toting monkeys.

The Gnarled Forest has a simple theme. Pirates have been stranded here due to their ship being beached. And by beached I mean a Kraken lifted it up and launched it out of the ocean and onto the island. Once you arrive in the Gnarled Forest you can begin to explore the multiple themes of the area, encountering a number of Maelstom afflicted pirates, giant apes, and normal pirates seeking help.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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