Lord of the Dead Get First Guild Site Interview

In the first interview granted to a guild site, Auran speaks about Fury and it's concepts...

LotD has been granted the first developer interview on a guild site, and we decided to put their motto (listed above) to the test. Unlike fansites who just want fluff for an article, LotD wanted to ask the hard questions. Adam answered nearly all of them, and we were very pleased. For those questions that he couldn't answer due to design concepts not being finalized, he promised to get back with us later in the fall with those answers.

We plan to submit PVP guild related questions to the dev team every few months, so feel free to submit questions you'd like to see us ask.

Question 1

Since this game is being labeled a CORPG, it automatically gets put in the same class as Guild Wars. Guild Wars spent a lot of time advertising to the PVP community as "Skill Over Time Spent", and when that turned out not to be true it was a big turn off to the FPS and MMORPG PVP guilds that were lured to the game. Why is Fury different than Guild Wars in terms of "Skill Over Time Spent"?

Find out the answer and read the rest of this interview before heading to the forums here at Ten Ton Hammer to let us know what you think.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016