The Fast and the Fury-ous - An Interview with Fury Lead Developer Adam Carpenter

The competion-oriented yet cranial Fury was one of the more interesting titles we saw at E3 2006, and we wanted to know more! Lead Developer Adam Carpenter was kind enough to talk to Ten Ton Hammer's Tony "RadarX" Jones about the competive nature of Fury, showing how the game's fast pace involves more brain work than twitchy muscle memory.

"We really wanted to emphasize mental skill and decision making instead of manual dexterity. We also found by going with an RPG combat model instead of an FPS model we were able to enhance gameplay. The time that players would spend making dodge/jump/strafe decisions in an FPS could instead be used to enhance gameplay by providing a greater range of abilities and a more interesting combat model. "

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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