Panelists Gaze into their
Crystal Balls

Every year at GDC the Future of MMOs panel draws a huge crowd of
developers. The experts in the genre give a great talk about the
industry and where online game play is going. This year some of the
usuals where not able to make it, we hope all is well Mark, still the
panel went on nonetheless. Jon Wood hosted a panel containing Jack
Emmert from Cryptic Studios, Matt Miller from City of Heroes, Min Kim
from Nexon, Ray Muzyka from Bioware, and the lightening rod of
everyone's bolts Rob Pardo of Blizzard. Needless to say this was one
group who has seen in all in online game design.

The panel was next asked if the MMO market would be
moving over to
consoles. Jack Emmert was quick to say that the future will hold one
box that does everything. Games, TV, music, it will all be a one stop
box that will handle everything. Cryptic is designing Champions Online
for the PC and Console market. Ray from Bioware mentioned that the PC
remains the most beneficial systems for online games. Rob Pardo from
Blizzard weighed in that for the types of games Blizzard makes the PC
remains the best platform. Though console sales are high, Rob said that
everyone owns a computer and that is where Blizzard is targeting their

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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