It seems like every week I read or see another story about some punk robbing a Gamestop or other videogame store. And the funny part is, it's never for the cash in the store, but rather for some new game that the chump can't afford to put the $60 up for. I mean, is it really that imperative that you get Madden right as it comes out? The rosters won't even have an update for the first few weeks, buddy. And I'm sure your fantasy draft buddies can wait for you.

It's these guys that give all games a bad rap. Well them and the Xbox Live Child Stalker types. They certainly don't help either.

Speaking of upcoming and/or new games though, it's getting closer and closer to the release of Cryptic's next superhero opus, Champions Online. And aren't you lucky that we have a nice little detailed overview of the PvP for you today? Why yes, yes you are.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016