Flagship Studios announced the Euro pricing structure for its upcoming
MMOG, Hellgate London:

For all players, HELLGATE: LONDON comes completely free-to-play out of
the box and will offer a secure online experience with features
including the ability to play cooperatively with thousands of other
players, trade items, join guilds and enjoy a host of gameplay and
community features including voice chat and buddy lists.

For players with Subscription* accounts ( € 9.99 /
£6.99 per month) , Flagship Studios will deliver exciting new
ongoing content including new character classes, areas, monsters, items
and raid content, new game modes (including Hardcore, Role-Play and PvP
mode), and additional character and stash slots. Subscribers can found
guilds, select to nominate an officer and will have access to guild and
player housing. Other features include in-game email for items, web
access to characters and a place in future beta lotteries.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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