There have been a number of MMOGs based off strong existing
intellectual properties, from Star
Wars Galaxies
, to Dungeons
& Dragons Online
, to  style="font-style: italic;">The Lord of the Rings Online.
It would make sense that the huge existing fanbases for these IPs would
render any one of the MMOGs based off them a smash success, and yet, so
far, none have lived up to fan expectations. Are intellectual
properties a boon or a curse?

style="font-style: italic;"> Even the venerable
arguably the greatest RPG developer out there, is trying to capitalize
on an
existing IP. While they are using a previous game they created for the
lore of Star
Wars The Old Republic
Lucas Arts
is still the licensor and everything must be approved by them. Why take
chance? Why make yourself beholden to someone else when you are capable
taking the reins? Are the increased box sales worth the risk when so
much time
and money are invested? They have a well established IP that is already
for an MMOG. I defy anyone to play the
style="font-style: italic;">Mass
Effect games
and tell me that their setting wouldn't make a
far better MMOG

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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