Exploring BigWorld

You may not have heard of the BigWorld Technology Suite, but there
are some good reasons to learn more about this set of
MMO development tools. Shayalyn and Ethec sat down with Gavin
Longhurst, Director of Business Development for BigWorld at
the Online Game Development Conference.

What is the BigWorld MMO Technology Suite? It
consists of things like
server applications, an advanced 3D game engine, and content creation
tools. The BigWorld Suite can be used for such things as building
terrain, simulating weather events, producing realistic water effects
and creating dynamic lighting. It contains sophisticated animation
tools, as well. Dark & Light uses BigWorld’s server
technology. Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment has licensed the BigWorld
Suite for its MMOG in development, href="http://www.stargateworlds.com/" target="_blank">Stargate

Check out the interview
to learn more about BigWorld's potential effect
on MMOs and the gamers who play them.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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