Delving into Lord of the
Rings Online

Book 12 is lurking right around the corner and to help ease some of the
building anxiety for the Lord of the Rings Online community, Martuk has
acquired 21 new screenshots of the new Ettenmoores dungeon called The
Delving of Frór. These new screenshots will provide you with an
excellent opportunity to see what this new dungeon has to offer. You
can even get a look at one of the evil bosses in this dungeon, Gaergoth.

The Delving of Fror is a new dungeon in the
Ettenmoores that can only
be entered if your side controls certain areas in the Ettenmoore. This
new dungeon is filled with twist and turns that will make any patron of
Middle-earth dizzy.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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