Maybe We'll Find Out Why
They're Silent

The Kinship interview tour continues at our Lord of the Rings Online
community site. This week Martuk had the oportunity to sit down for a
one on one interview with Grimlod Gravebow leader of the Silent Guard
on Landroval server. The Silent Guard is a small group of mature
role-players who help each other out while enjoying the journey through
Middle Earth. If you are seeking a mature role-playing Kinship this
just might be for you.


Kinships vary in size and goals. Some enjoy joining a
game and rushing
strait to the end, but there are those who enjoy the journey more than
the destination. I recently had the opportunity to interview Grimlod
Gravebow the leader of the Silent Guard on Landroval server. The Silent
Guard is without a doubt one of those Kinships that enjoys the journey
and the company of good friends along the way. The Silent Guard has a
very active leadership and is a smaller Kinship of role-players, but
that gives them the advantage of knowing their members on a more
personal level.

Learn more about The Silent Guard href="">here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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