Muslim centric game not called a game.

Calling Muxlim Pal a "virtual world aimed at the Muslim community" the BBC reports that the latest MMO to cater to a specific demographic has launched. Steering clear of the word "game" the interview and article describe the "site" as being "based loosely on other virtual worlds such as the Sims..." and consistent with the lack of the word game, players are called users. The game is described as a free to play Muslim-focused social world where players, I mean users, can also subscribe to premium services for more features. For a free trial or more information about the game, I mean site, go to Muxlim Pal.

This is the second time this month that the Muslim community has received some special attention from game developers. Earlier, we found out that Rappelz would cater toward Muslim gamers as well. Watch for more games, developers and publishers to explore new and interesting market segments as broadband marches its way around the world.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016