Ahoy, me Mateys! Yo ho!

The fantastic imagery associated with ship to ship combat is incredibly
popular in our modern collective psyche. Judging from the popularity of
movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Master and Commander, the
whole world wants to launch out into the clear blue seas and test their
mettle against another ship's cannons. The development crew at Flying
Lab Software is trying to appeal to that sensibility in their upcoming
MMOG Pirates of the Burning Sea, and the Ten Ton Hammer staff was
anxious to hear about all the details concerning ship vs. ship combat
in the game. Ten Ton Hammer's industry relations specialist, Garrett
Fuller, sat down with PotBS's David Hunt to discover all the
nitty-gritty details about ship vs. ship combat!

David: Every ship gun has a different weight that
refers to the size of
the shot it fires. Heavier guns do more damage, fire farther and reload
slower. It's extremely important to think about the range of your guns,
especially if you have a ship with multiple gun batteries. A typical
frigate will have a main battery of heavy guns and a top deck battery
with lighter guns. That means there's a range gap in their
effectiveness depending on which sets of guns can hit. Experienced PvP
players learn the different ship load outs and gun ranges and attempt
to maintain a range that will give them a firepower edge over their

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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