Any hopes of seeing a Stargate MMOG have long since past as the license suffered more than its share of scandals and legal trouble under the banner of Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment.

Last week gaming blog Nerdvana reported that Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment (CME) had regained the rights to the Stargate license following a suit filed against Dark Comet Games, who picked up the shooter Stargate Resistance under what some might call shady circumstances. That victory was short-lived because MGM yanked the Stargate license earlier this month. The Nerdvana article stated that the Stargate Resistance title would be unaffected since it was under a different license.

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But according to a recent post on the Stargate Resistance forums, that may not have been the case. The post explains that the License Agreement between Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, Inc. and MGM Interactive has expired. As a result, CME will no longer be able to sell Stargate Resistance. Players can still log in and play until January 15th, 2011, at which time the Stargate Resistance servers will presumably cease operation.

On November 16, 2010, the License Agreement between Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, Inc. and MGM Interactive, Inc. expired. As a result, Cheyenne will no longer be able to offer Stargate Resistance for sale to new customers. However, in the best interests of our customers, game play will be provided for a period of 60 days (until January 15, 2011) to customers who purchased Stargate Resistance prior to November 16, 2010. Look for more information as it becomes available.

Jake Johnson, a former artist for CME that also did work on Stargate Resistance, has posted a message thanking the community for their support.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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