"Listen Up, Fresh Meat!"

In the jam-packed arena people call the MMOG marketplace, there's
rarely a time when a developer can come out and simply say that players
should buy their game. They may list all the pros and cons, but it's
not often that someone gives them the opportunity to speak their mind
on the product they've created. But Ten Ton Hammer, being a benevolent
network, has granted that wish to the Tabula Rasa development team.

Recently they sent us a selection of quotes from members of the Tabula
Rasa team that were asked to finish the following sentence: "I think
everyone should play Tabula Rasa because¬Ö" These are their responses.

Casey Walker Thorp, Senior Internal QA Tester: "I think everyone should
play Tabula Rasa because no other MMO offers the satisfying and
visceral feeling of cutting down your enemies in a swath of bullets,
running up to them to kick off their heads, and then driving their
remaining forces out of an encampment all in just a few minutes."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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