Just Make Sure Your
Barber Isn't Sweeney Todd

The latest patch to the Test server has Tabula Rasa players in a
frenzy. Attribute improvements, Armor changes, new Hybrid races and
more leave players crunching numbers and working to figure out the
perfect set up for their characters. Tabula Rasa isn’t all about the
mechanics of the game, however. A few important changes have been made
to keep the aesthetics fresh, and the roleplaying fun. Ten Ton Hammer
points out these highlights, now on Test, that will be coming to a Live
server near you.

The Barber’s skill has grown, and 2 new haircut choices are on the
menu. A messy but flattened choice leads the pack, followed by the
brushed straight up Wolverine. Stylish!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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