In part
of this two part series, we discussed the background of
the player-centric documentary "Second Skin," including the
difficulties of maintaining a neutral bias throughout the documentary,
the technical aspects of making a film that preserved the human-ness of
gaming in a digital world, and the approach they used to film the
powerful segment dealing with gaming addiction.

Part two
of our interview with Pure West Producer Peter Schieffelin Brauer,
Director Juan Carlos Piñeiro and Producer / Writer Victor Piñeiro
begins with a look at the "ethical" Chinese gold farm segment,
developer relations throughout the making of the film, the film's look
at the second lives of disabled gamers, how the documentary treated the
topic of cybersex, and the path to theatrical and/or general release
for "Second Skin."

"Most disabled people we've talked to, you end up
meeting them and you
already have reservations based on the fact that they're disabled. To
be able to lose that wall from the get-go just by meeting someone
online; that's essentially the greatest boon that exists inside these
games."  - Peter Schieffelin Brauer, Producer

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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