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LARPing...UR Doin' It Right

The E3 booth babes referencing The Legend of Zelda in yesterday's video had me feeling nostalgic, so when I came across this gem by CorridorDigital I simply had to watch. The fact that it had nearly 2 million views on YouTube, all accumulated since June 3rd, didn't hurt its geek cred, either.

What happens when a group of hunters accidentally encounters the demonic Dark Link? Watch and learn how this merry band, obviously scavenged from the local Renaissance fair or SCA meeting (or both), handles the dark entity.

Nothing brings back fond memories of Zelda like Link's trademarked, "HeeeAAAAII!", amiright? And the production quality these guys pull off also makes this video well worth watching. Still, there's always a critic, namely my teenage daughter (who criticizes everything, mostly because she knows everything.) Her parting comment, as a seasoned cosplayer: "Bro! Your natural hair's showing out the back of your wig. Wig cap it, dude! Wig cap it!"

I'm going to choose to suspend disbelief.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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