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First, the Ten Ton Pulse, your finger on the beating heart of the MMOG industry.

If the Top 10 isn't enough, we now show the Top 20 and Top 50 lists as well, available to everyone on our homepage. (What is Pulse?)

  1. Age of Conan - 200 BPM
  2. World of Warcraft - 102 BPM
  3. Lord of the Rings Online - 40 BPM
  4. EverQuest 2 - 33 BPM
  5. Warhammer Online - 22 BPM
  6. EVE Online - 21 BPM
  7. Vanguard - 19 BPM
  8. Guild Wars - 18 BPM
  9. Lineage 2 - 16 BPM
  10. Dungeons and Dragons Online - 14 BPM

Cody thought that it was time that the Ten Ton Hammer team joined the virtual social revolution and took it upon himself to create a Facebook page. Fire it up and join the Ten Ton Hammer community, which seems to include some notable development side types.

Facebook is interesting in that it started as a social networking tool, that now includes games. Ten Ton Hammer began as a game community site that is turning into a social network.

Raph Koster's latest project, Metaplace, aims to remove the barriers to entry to both community building and game development.

"Build a virtual apartment and put it on your website. Work with friends to make a huge MMORPG. Share your puzzle game with friends. We have a vision: to let you build anything, and play everything, from anywhere. Eventually, anyway. We have to finish first."

Without tainting your opinion by giving you mine (though long-time readers already know mine) I'd like to see your thoughts on this project.  

Megahit or metawhat? The Loading... forums await you.

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12 new MMOG hand-crafted articles today! 140 in March! 653 in 2008!

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