Money is tight for everyone right now and the MMOG investors of the world are no exception. Companies are bound to be leery of pouring vast sums of cash into an unproven property so snagging the rights to an established franchise will continue to be the route most teams will go. Bookshelves across the world are overflowing with exceptional realms of fantasy waiting to be put to code, so what's everyone waiting for? In this week's Forever Fantasy, Dalmarus takes a look at some of the fantasy series that should be turned into MMOGs sooner rather than later.

The Dragonlance series of books may have started out as a retelling of some phenomenal gaming sessions, but in the last 20+ years, it has grown into so much more. The Dragonlance Chronicles are a mandatory read for any lover of fantasy fiction. This was the series of books that finally opened my eyes to what a Dungeons & Dragons campaign could really be.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016