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First, the Ten Ton Pulse, your finger on the beating heart of the MMOG industry.

If the Top 10 isn't enough, we now show the Top 20 and Top 50 lists as well, available to everyone on our homepage. (What is Pulse?)

  1. Age of Conan - 200 BPM
  2. World of Warcraft - 80 BPM
  3. Lord of the Rings Online - 30 BPM
  4. EverQuest 2 - 25 BPM
  5. Warhammer Online - 23 BPM
  6. EVE Online - 21 BPM
  7. Lineage 2 - 19 BPM
  8. Vanguard - 15 BPM
  9. Guild Wars - 15 BPM
  10. Tabula Rasa - 13 BPM

New York Comic Con is almost upon us and guess who is looking after all of the MMOG panels? Garrett, Jeff, myself and perhaps even Phil will be in New York to attend Comic Con. Together with the Comic Con team we organized and will moderate the following Ten Ton Hammer Comic Con New York 2008 panels.

  • 1E16
    11:00 AM
    EvE Online
  • 1E16
    12:00 PM
    Warhammer Online
  • 1E16
    1:00 PM
    Dungeons and Dragons and Lord of the Rings
  • 1E16
    2:00 PM
    Age of Conan Online
  • 1E16
    3:00 PM
    Starting a Video Game Company
  • 1E16
    4:00 PM
    MMO Industry Round Table

Held at the Javits Center, the Ten Ton Hammer presentation room, IE16 (though I haven't seen it yet) will seat up to 500 people for each panel and presentation. Ten Ton Hammer Premium Members that let us know in advance that they will be attending will receive VIP service and seating at each of the panels that we are hosting. We expect these panels to fill up quickly, so non-members should arrive early to ensure that there are seats available.

"New York Comic Con is proud to welcome exhibitors including Konami, Namco Bandai, Square-Enix, and Ubisoft; some of the biggest names in the interactive entertainment industry. These exhibitors will present their current hits and preview the summer's biggest titles from the show floor. While these demos and videos will be enough to satisfy any gamer, they are just the tip of the iceberg. New York Comic Con will present a special gamer summit on Sunday, April 20, with 12 panel discussions led by video game industry leaders. NYCC's gamer summit was created with the guidance of TenTonHammer.com and Themis Media. The summit will showcase games including Age of Conan, EvE Online, Iron Man, Warhammer Online, and studios including CCP, FunCom, Turbine, and 38 Studios. The summit will also feature round table discussions and topics ranging from video game journalism and writing for video games, to starting a career in the video game industry."

Special thanks to CCP, EA/Mythic, Turbine, Funcom and 38 Studios for accepting our invitation to speak at the show. I believe that this is the first time that this many AAA MMOG developers have converged on one room in one afternoon to talk about the MMOG industry.  

If you plan to attend Comic Con and would like to take advantage of the Premium Member seating or just want to say "Hello" to the Ten Ton staff then drop either Jeff Woleslagle or myself a line and we'll get you on the list of VIPs (Very Important Players).

If you can't be in New York over the April 18-20 time period, but you would still like to hang out with us, we will be running an Age of Conan guild where Ten Ton Hammer readers can hang out, play and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals. Assuming that we have enough interest, and it appears that we will, the vision of the guild will be to allow players to experience the incredible content of Age of Conan at their own pace with others who also progress at a similar speed. We will need to build a large (and by large I mean enormous) guild in order to see our vision come to fruition, but I know that our members can do it. Members of any of our current Ten Ton Hammer guilds are welcome to join us in our adventures. I'm looking for a few good men or women to help with the organizational work that goes into making a good guild a great one. If you think you are up to the task, please send me an e-mail.

Ten Ton Hammer Wants You! The The Loading... forums await you.

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