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1. Daily Column

Where is the line at which a law becomes relevant to a virtual world? I vaguely remember reading about an accusation of rape in the game/world/porn holodeck called Second Life. It is vague because my tinfoil hat reflects all Second Life news as an alien attempt to take over my brain. Luckily for you, the Washington Post took off their tinfoil bonnet momentarily and brought up the incident in a recent article.

The Post claims that police authorities in both Belgium and Germany are investigating cases of 'abuse" in Second Life. With crime all but extinct in those two countries I can see why the police were looking afield to find work. Their zeal to enter the virtual world becomes even more apparent if they read the Washington Post. You see the Washington Post has drilled right to the nutmeat of the problem with virtual worlds. They have researched, questioned, interrogated and verified every bit of information, distilling it down to the most refined facts and nailing the absolute pith of the matter.

"In World of Warcraft, the most popular online game, with an estimated 8 million participants worldwide, some regions of this fantasy domain have grown so lawless that players said they fear to brave them alone. Gangs of animated characters have repeatedly preyed upon lone travelers, killing them and making off with their virtual belongings."

Imagine it.... gangs of animated characters preying on other animated characters and absconding with their virtual belongings. It's horrific! It's inhumane! It's PvP combat you asshats.

It gets better though,

"Two years ago, Japanese authorities arrested a man for carrying out a series of virtual muggings in another popular game, Lineage II, by using software to beat up and rob characters in the game and then sell the virtual loot for real money."

Raise your hand if you have ever been beaten up by software. Norton Internet Security doesn't count. There, all the hands are back down.

Please read the entire article and copy your favourite quote to the comments below. I promise not to beat any of you up with software.

Comment in the blog (now with direct link goodness) or email me directly.

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