For Glory! - A Fury Interview with Mike Hampden

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For Glory!

A Fury Q&A Focusing on the Player Character, Progression, Treasure, and Trials

Questions by Cody “Micajah” Bye

While attending GDC this past March, the Ten Ton Hammer team was fortunate enough to land a spot during a hands-on demonstration of the upcoming MMOTPS (the “TPS” stands for “third person slasher”), Fury. Auran Games – the studio behind the game – has everything that the common gamer has in mind; they want their games to be fair, competitive, and, above all else, fun.

Since GDC, we’ve been tracking the progress of Fury, which is slated for a Q4 2007 release, and we’re growing ever more anxious to get our hands on the game and really put it through the ringer. Until we can really draw our swords and eviscerate our enemies, however, we’re content to ask pertinent questions of the developers.

Fury Logo 2
Fury Logo 2
The Fury Logo

Recently, we had a chance to ask some questions of Mike Hampden, Content Designer for Auran Games. Below you’ll find both the questions and his answers, which all focus around the player character and advancement in the world of Fury.

TTH: Why did you decide to only allow players one avatar? We know there won’t be any “classes” but what if a player wants to play with a lower-ranked individual in a particular battle? Or if his friends start playing a few months after he has already started?

Hampden: The great thing about our character advancement system is that it doesn’t limit you from switching between any and all ranks that your character has attained. Wanna play with your friend? Go ahead, and set your Rank down – when you want to play at the higher ranks, set your rank up again.

Blocking that axe is going to be hard with that little buckler.
Blocking that axe is going to be hard with that little buckler.
Combat in Fury is designed to be fast and fun.

TTH: What kind of options are going to be available for players during character creation? Lord of the Rings Online has been criticized for a lack of customization options during character creation…how are you going to avoid this pitfall?

Hampden: We plan to launch with a considerable amount of customization options during creation which will be augmented by in-game NPCs that offer additional customization options – for a price. By doing things this way we can make certain hair-styles, colors, etc. prestigious amongst our player-base.

TTH: How many abilities does a character begin the game with? Are they as “weak” as in typical MMO games, or could a skilled player come in and really be competitive in PvP early on?

Hampden: The number of abilities a player will start with is limited. We’ve done it this way so that new players aren’t overwhelmed by a massive amount of different abilities when they begin the game. As for competing in PvP, thanks to our match-making system, players will be matched against opponents of similar skill (player skill) and experience (in-game rank). This ensures that battles are always fair, competitive, and most of all: Fun.

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