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Welcome back from your early morning shopping extravaganza, or if your idea of a well spent Black Friday morning involves sleeping off the turkey, join the club. Black Friday offers PC and MMO gamers comparatively little, and we have a theory why. For that plus some great new article links to keep you entertained and enlightened while your friends and significant others are shopping it up, check out this Loading... Black Friday.

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If you haven't camped out in a frigid Stuff*Mart parking lot through the small hours, still feeling the enduring effects of too much turkey, cranberry sauce, and awkward conversations with relatives you're happy to see once a year... if you haven't barreled through the door like a madman in search of that insanely priced DS Lite, portable DVD player, rice cooker, or Xbox Bundle, then maybe you haven't lived. But if that's the case, I haven't either. My idea of shopping nirvana on Black Friday morning is waking up at a sensible time, putting on a pot of coffee, and browsing NewEgg and maybe Amazon between involuntary mouth noises and self-scratchings for about 10 minutes before moving on to email.

In an IM conversation, Xerin, one of our talented WoW writers here at Ten Ton Hammer, conveyed his surprise that more free-to-play MMOs don't get in on the Black Friday fervor. In fairly unenthusiastic googling, I found a few. Perfect World, Luna Online, and the Nexon games (Mabinogi, MapleStory, Combat Arms, et al.) are offering some kind of impulse buying bliss, so if you're into one of those games, go get some. After seeing the unending lineup of folks on the George Washington Bridge on their way to an idyllic New England Thanksgiving yesterday, I wasn't surprised that Boston-based Turbine didn't get in on the act with DDO Unlimited.

Nor does it surprise me that PC games, especially MMOs, haven't tried to leverage Black Friday more, especially given the cats and dogs relationship of PC game publishers with most retail chains. Retailers might bundle enough tchotchkes with a next gen console to sway a parent who hopes that those freebie games will satisfy little Johnny for a week or two (good luck with that), but such gimmicks won't work with PC gamers. PC gamers are a more streetwise bunc. We typically know more about the developer and the MMO we're considering purchasing better than the major investors do. While they're investing millions, we're considering investing something worth perhaps infinitely more: our time, and lots of it. Because of that, we tend to look even a gift as innocent as a free trial in the mouth.

So, what's my opinion as to why there is such a conspicuous absence of PC gamer bait in the Black Friday bonanza? It's my honest contention that, with perhaps the exception of consumers interested in large-ticket items, retail doesn't like thinkers, retail likes buyers. Because PC gamers are thinkers, do PC games (and especially MMOs) have a future in the primarily impulse-driven retail channel? Your Black Friday stories, deals, and thoughts welcome in the Loading... forums, and have a great holiday weekend!

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Favorite Christmas song?

guess it's official--the holiday season is upon us. I think I get a
little Scroogier every year, likely because some of our local radio
stations start playing holiday music non-stop from November 1st on.
But, even so, I have a favorite Christmas song or two. And so do the
Ten Ton Hammer members in this thread, who've linked up some comical
YouTube videos to prove it. With one notable exception, that is. Beware
Atnas Khalus! (You'll just have to visit the thread to find out more.)

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"Khalus and Mr Scrooge... separated at birth?"

- kitsunegirl

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