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Who knew that Ten Ton Hammer's Ben de la Durantaye and Reuben
"Sardu" Waters were planning a romantic getaway at Gamescom in Cologne,
Germany? Certainly not Ben and Sardu! Find out how easily a little
miscommunication can lead to big problems in today's href="http://tentonhammer.com/loading/2010/aug/17">
Loading... Bride-to-be.



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Sardu and I are getting married. Trust me, it’s a big of a surprise to
us as it is to you. Maybe bigger.

We didn’t plan it. In fact, we didn’t even know we were gay, but it
seems that has little to do with it as the hotel we’re staying at in
Germany thinks otherwise. I’m not sure who told them but it is firmly
what they believe. No, we didn’t show up holding hands. No, we didn’t
giggle as we tickle-chased each other up the stairwell. So I have to
think this belief came from an outside source. Maybe a coworker’s
practical joke?

Allow me to elucidate as to why I’m telling you that Germany thinks
Sardu and I are engaged to be wed.

I showed up at the hotel here in Cologne at 11am local time (that’s 5am
EDT—my native timezone). I presented myself and my booking number. The
gal behind the desk smiled and tapped away at the computer. She was
attractive, so I gave her the old “sexy Ben stare.” Little did I know
her smile back wasn’t that of reciprocated romance about to bud, but
more likely one of “Awww, he’s so in love with Sardu, he can’t contain
his emotions.”

She gave me my keycard and I asked her to mark Sardu’s name down as he
would be showing up in a couple of hours. I asked her to give him a key
and show him up to the room when he arrived.

Now when I made the booking a month or two ago, I indicated the room
was for two. In a normal situation when a booking is made this way, at
least in North America (our European friends can perhaps shed some
light on standard protocol here in Germany), a room for two means two
beds unless otherwise indicated. So, you can well imagine my shock as I
exhaustedly opened the door to our room, ready to fall into bed to
catch a powernap to ease some jet lag, dropped my bags to the floor,
flopped onto the bed, closed my eyes briefly, and quickly jumped out of
bed upon the realization that the bed I had just fallen onto was the
only bed in the room. I scurried about the room, checking the closets,
under the bed, behind the curtains, in the bathtub, desperately trying
to find the second bed I knew had to be in the room somewhere.

After closing the desk drawer hoping to find a hidden desk-bed in my
last insane attempt at denial I realized there had to have simply been
a misunderstanding.

I ran back downstairs to the concierge and gave her another, though
somewhat filtered, “sexy Ben stare” and told her that there had been a
mistake. I was expecting another guy to come join me, and we had booked
the room for two. She smiled again. “Yes, sir. Would you like some
champagne sent up?”

“NO!” I exclaimed somewhat vehemently, “I mean the type of room is
wrong. There are two of us, and I don’t believe there’s going to be
enough room.”

“I can upgrade you to a king size for 10 Euro more...” she offered.

I sighed. “Do you have anything available with two beds?”

The concierge turned a funny shade of red. “OH! Of, course sir,” she

In the end, it was all a matter of miscommunication. What I had assumed
to be a perfectly normal booking for two professional colleagues had
been interpreted by someone else as a romantic weekend dude love
getaway. And while I adore Sardu as a coworker, I can’t say I’ve ever
considered picking out curtain patterns with him. The sobering thought
though, is that if I was able to mislead someone to that degree
completely unintentionally, how easy is communication broken in other
areas of life?

As gamers, are we at a disadvantage when trying to communicate our
thoughts to developers as to the types of games we enjoy? The problems
we have with existing games? Who’s that person along the chain of
information who’ll step in and say “no, they’re not gay editor lovers
on an all-boys journey through the German countryside, they’re just two
guys going to gamescom?”

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