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Apparently some people are upset regarding this story of the slave Chinese farmers. In case you haven’t heard, here is the low-down. Around 300 Chinese inmates were forced by the prison guards to farm gold at night. The guards would then of course sell the gold and earn from $600 - $900 a day!

Personally, I don’t see what the big deal is! These are prison inmates, they get to play video games at night? When I was a kid, I was forced to do homework. I would have killed to play video games. So they shouldn’t be complaining! It’s not like if they didn’t farm more then 5000 gold each day they would wake up in a ditch somewhere. Everyone knows they wouldn’t be waking up at all.

Let's see... first off, they chose to be born into a Communist country. Then, they chose to break some quasi-legitimate laws. After that, they chose to hire a terrible lawyer who couldn’t get them off. Further more, they chose not to break out of prison! So aren’t these people getting exactly what they deserve for their laziness?

I mean, in reality, they are actually helping their country’s economy by sucking the money out of ours. Hell, the guards were making a quarter million dollars / year! Isn’t that the purpose of prison anyways? To rehabilitate deviants into being useful members of society?

I think America should adopt this approach and we should force our prisoners to do something awesome like.... Finding everywhere Waldo went. Or... teaching hunters how to actually play the damn game... I don't’ know. I don’t do a lot of thinking. I’m sure someone out there can think of something we can make them do.

Until Next time,

Kevin “Arxkanite” Pumpkinkicker.

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