Welcome to the second edition of Reloading…

My computer room also happens to be the room where our family television is.    Don’t get started on the “You only have one television?” nonsense.  There are homeless guys with more televisions than me.  Yeah, yeah, you probably even have one in your fridge door because, well, you spend a lot of time in front it.  Amirite?

I don’t watch much television, not with Deathwing ruining the world and our guild level at 23! 

I digress.   My wife and my daughter both watch American Idol, which means that by default I listen to it while I’m playing World of Warcraft.   There is this one guy, Scotty Pumpkineater or something like that, who sings with a really deep voice.  I had to turn to look and see just what type of creature has a voice so incredibly low and bam, I see none other than one of my childhood favourites, Alfred E. Neuman.

Seriously, Alfred is a perfect cartoon representation of Scotty Hasselhoff.

The American idol, voted upon by the American public could be none other than Alfred E. Neuman.  I keep expecting Scotty Fizzlebopper to look into the camera and say “What me worry?”

Have you ever come across  a character in a video game that looked just like a person in real life?

How about…

Mario and Borat?

Sgt Edward Buck (Halo ODST) and Nathan Fillion

Medic in Team Fortress and Stephen Colbert

Send me a few of your favourites!

Until we meet again,

John “Boomjack” Hoskin

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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