In this week's edition of Forever Fantasy, Dalmarus takes a deeper look at the various extras players want in their MMOG's. They may not be make or break additions for a game, but there's no denying they're essential to fleshing a world out. How much can developers get away with leaving out? Why is Dalmarus getting ready to stage a protest over a decade old concept that needs to be brought back? Find out this and more in your weekly dose of Forever Fantasy!

It’s not just the battles above the seas that we all crave though. Even early explorers knew that untold treasures could be found beneath the waves. Whether they were ancient ships full of gold or long forgotten civilizations these discoveries excited the blood and changed the way the world was viewed forever. Ancient explorers aren’t the only ones that had a craving to uncover the secrets of Poseidon’s realm.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016