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1. Daily Column

Welcome to your Monday and with it 19 new MMOG articles at TenTonHammer.com. That is more MMOG content than you will find on most of our competitors in an entire week. Quantity is fine, but quality is better. Our interview with Brian "Psychochild" Green is guaranteed to be one of the best interviews you read anywhere this week.

There are some interesting topics that I could cover today; the lawsuit brought against the gold farming companies by Blizzard is a hot button for instance.

"As many of you know, the latest content patch, along with many great new content additions, contains technical counter-measures designed to combat in-game gold spamming. Our efforts to reduce in-game abuse and create a fun, safe environment for everyone are never-ending.

With that said, we felt that it was important to share with the community just how serious we are in our efforts to combat this type of abuse. Blizzard has filed a federal lawsuit against the operators of Peons4hire, a popular gold-selling organization which many of you have no doubt seen advertised. As part of the lawsuit, the operators of Peons4hire have been asked to immediately cease all in-game spamming efforts by all entities and websites under their control.

If this organization refuses to act accordingly, further legal action will be taken. We'll be sure to keep you posted on the progress of this topic. " -- Eyonix, World of Warcraft Forums Moderator / Community Manager

Can Blizzard take on companies that don't exist in North America? I believe the answer is yes, in an indirect way. If Blizzard wins their case then they have the means to stop Paypal and the credit card companies from providing a payment method to the gold farmers. There are other payment methods that they cannot stop, but it would surely put a dent in the gold market.

Another topic is the negativity in official forums. The first five threads in the WoW forums are as follows:

  • AB AV WSG...when you going to give 70 gear?
  • What happened to the good old times?
  • Open Racist Areana [sic] Team Ranked
  • I hate the Skettis area
  • Primal farmers the scum of WoW

The top five in Lord of the Rings Online are:

  • I cancelled today and here is why
  • Will Lotro only have 7 classes ever?
  • My ignore list is growing; Boot em from group
  • 10 most obvious signs LOTR was a rush job
  • Lack of GM support and high level instance bugz [sic] hinder gameplay

Official forums are for the most part an outlet for the attention starved and the needy to discharge their verbal diarrhea. This is a topic for another day.

Instead of using our Monday to focus on negatives let's spend it finding out what you want in a MMOG network or a MMOG site.

What is most important to you? What do you go to other sites for that we should be delivering? What are we delivering that you could make even better? Here are some areas that might get your thought process rolling.

  • Item/Quest databases. Do you want these? Do you use them? If so, which ones and why did you choose those specific databases?
  • Aggregate MMOG news. Do you want one stream for all MMOG news or do you prefer a feed of only the games that you choose to follow?
  • What game sites do you find the easiest to navigate? Why? How could TenTonHammer.com be easier to use?
  • Developer interaction: Would you attend an event where you could meet the developers of the games you love? What price is reasonable for a dinner and one-on-one time with a high-profile developer? $100, $250, $500? The more intimate the event the pricier it would necessarily have to be as the costs of flying in devs and providing them with hotel rooms is fixed regardless of the number of participants.

What do you want in a MMOG site? We are listening!

We are also still accepting resumes for a full-time web developer. Experience in Drupal, PHP, MySQL and PostNUKE are assets. We pay our developers above industry standards and expect above industry results. Please do not apply if you are not able to work on the network full-time. Web development companies looking to create a site and disappear need not apply. Click here to submit your resume or to ask questions about the position.

Comment in the blog (now with direct link goodness) or email me directly.

2. New MMOG Articles At Ten Ton Hammer Today

  • Interview With Brian "Psychochild" Green, Founder of Near Death Studios
    "There are a bevy of blogs by individuals in the video game industry. Everyone with a tech oriented mind seems to have jumped on the blog bandwagon and is getting their voice heard by the public consumer. One of the best game industry blogs belongs to Brian "Psychochild" Green, founder of Near Death Studios, Inc., and general industry veteran. We were lucky enough to get an opportunity to sit down and chat with Brian. In the first selection of our two-part interview, we discuss how Brian got started in the MMO industry and how Meridian 59 has opened his eyes to the business elements of game development."
  • Blog: The Importance Of Being Me
    "After a heated discussion with an industry peer, Micajah goes on the hunt to discover the truth behind the Western/Eastern character customization myth. He finds his answers and makes a stand on the issue."
  • Blog: Spinning Wheels
    "Today Ralsu discusses one of Vanguard's biggest grinds, crafting:"
  • Blog: Forza 2 Mini Review
    "After waiting far too long, Forza Motorsports 2 finally came out last week. Being an avid car fanatic, this is a must own game for me. How does it compare to everything else out there right now? Check out my review."
  • Everquest 2: Magical Mages - Summoners
    "Meet the amazing pet classes of EverQuest 2! The necromancers and the conjurers are not only fun to play, but are undoubtedly two of the best solo classes in game. So what do you need to know if you want to play one? Read the overview of these classes, gain a bit of advice on how to get started as a soloer or a grouper, then take your summoner out for some gaming fun!"
  • Fury: Gameplay Trailer
    "Along with the screenshots that are also being hosted by Ten Ton Hammer, the editorial team happened to scoop up the latest trailer for Fury. It's a spectacular display showcasing the excellent graphics produced from the Unreal Engine and the fantastic arenas that the players will be fighting in. Don't blink or you might miss the incredibly fast action and gut-wrenching abilities that the characters employ to debilitate each other."
  • Fury: New Combat and Environment Images
    "As a means to promote the Fury closed beta application, the developers at Auran have put together a lovely selection of screenshots for potential gamers to view. Since we're always trying to bring you the best news and media on the Internet, the Ten Ton Hammer team scooped up the screenshots and they're now available for you to view. Enjoy!"
  • Gods and Heroes: Armentalius Guide
    "Charabis is at it again, with his own brand of personal insanity as he guides you through the lands of Armentalius."
  • Gods and Heroes: Guide to Aracia
    "As if his last installment wasn't nutty enough, Charabis is on the prowl in Aracia, taking an off-center look at this luxurious city! Follow his guide to the city, and see the truth behind the words, "A fool and his money are soon parted!""
  • Gods and Heroes: Vinetum Guide Lives
    "Tune in for the latest area information from Charabis. This time, he's tackling Vinetum. From the Faliscan Rebels to the Larvae which infest a once prosperous estate, Heroes should find plenty of adventure here!"
  • Gods and Heroes: Guide To Alban Hills
    "In our newest guide, Charabis reveals the places of Alban Hills you might wish to visit, and the troubles to be found there. This
    land is fairly crying out for a young Hero to save them. Do you have what it takes to answer the call?"
  • Gods and Heroes: How Far Would You Go?
    "Issue #2 of the Weekend Wonder is here to give you something to think about over the weekend. This week, Charabis asks the age old question, "How Far Would You Go?""
  • Lord of the Rings Online: Social Deeds Guide
    "If you want information about the titles gained from emotes or about the special emotes you might have seen, Martuk's new guide is the place to go."
  • Lord of the Rings Online: Are Emotes Important?
    "Professor of History Timothy Burke recently drew a number of sociological conclusions in Lord of the Rings Online based entirely on emotes. RadarX breaks through the mumbo jumbo and laments about not paying more attention in Sociology."
  • Lord of the Rings Online: Ultimate Newbie Guide - Part 4
    "We've been slaving away to bring you the latest and biggest page of the Ultimate Newbie Guide yet... Part 4: Training, Equipment, and Statistics."
  • Vanguard: Psionicist Abilities 1-25
    "New PSI Class Specialist Brahman has been busy for the Ten Ton Hammer community. Today, he's got updates for all of the spells for levels 1-25."
  • Warhammer Online: Witch Hunter Career Update
    "That's right everyone, we finally have concrete information on the Witch Hunter career. Along with new images and an awesome amount of detail this update is worth seeing!"
  • Warhammer Online: June WAR Gallery
    "Today we've posted the June WAR Gallery here at Warhammer.tentonhammer.com. This update includes tons of new images from this month's released newsletter. Included are the Empire Witch Hunter shots and Chaos locations."
  • Warhammer Online: Zone Overview of High Pass
    "To go along with this months newsletter we have the description for the new zone of High Pass. With images and official description from EA our new Zone page is ready for viewing."

3. Hot Content

4. Real World News

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