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Last week players really started to settle into World of Warcraft: Cataclysm as it entered its second week. Players are starting to enter Heroics, Raids, world firsts have been accomplished, guilds are still working on server firsts, and many are working on alts now that their mains are already 85. It will still take a while for things to settle down, but Cataclysm is shaping up nicely so far. With everything going on in game, chances are you missed some of the great content Ten Ton Hammer released last week, so we rounded it all up here for a quick recap.

Probably the biggest news this last week from TenTonHammer was that GearScore is Now PlayerScore! I could go on about how some of us loved GearScore and some of us hated it, but if you were looking for a simple way to quickly check a player out, it was pretty much the only way. It had it's flaws though in that it only looked at gear, not the player. PlayerScore does much more, and now that we are teamed with the old GearScore crew it can only get even better. Check it out here: GearScore is Now PlayerScore

With the big announcement out of the way Ten Ton Hammer also looked at a bunch of leveling guides for the many players that are taking this opportunity to start new characters. We also published a quick and easy guide to gather professions so that you know where to get all the new materials you need in Cataclysm.

Last week two editorials were posted looking at different aspects of the game of WoW. One focused on the potential of game addiction and how it is covered in the media while the other looked at the question of Cataclysm's changes to the game and if they changed enough. Both have some very interesting points and are well worth your reading time.

Also last week guides were posted for the PVP zone of Tol Barad, the seasonal holiday of Winter Veil, and a look at the current state of the end game, referring to 5 player heroics and 10/25 player raids.

Check out all of the above great content brought to you by Ten Ton Hammer and then move on to all the WoW news from around the rest of the internet. In the news we cover world firsts, a look at threat by Ghostcrawler, Season 9 starting and much more.

Lastly, I am sorry to report that this will be the last Overpull for at least a while. The Overpull after almost 100 editions will be going on indefinite hiatus. Don't worry though, all the great content at Ten Ton Hammer will still be around and published each week, we just won't be re-announcing it in the Overpull. So make sure you check in each and every day for all the latest happenings in the World of Warcraft at WoW.TenTonHammer.com.

Featured Content:

Don’t spend hours flying around Azeroth wondering where to find the new herbs, leather, and ore in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm when you can find all the info you need right here on Ten Ton Hammer. We’ve compiled a complete list of all the new gathering profession resources by zone, along with an ever-expanding list of tips on the best locations to find them.

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As World of Warcraft: Cataclysm enters its second week players are beginning to step into the many new dungeons and raids. Check out what's in store for you after you hit 85.

If you’re on the way up to 85 or at 85 thinking of doing heroics then it’s highly advisable to do so within the framework of friends you know or a guild. Coordination is absolutely mandatory, the Random Dungeon Finder is not going to cut it unless you’re willing to invite your randoms onto a Ventrilo server. Voice communication is also highly helpful.

The Aftermath – Did Cataclysm Go Far Enough?

Where’s the KABOOM? There’s supposed to be an earth shattering KABOOM! Deathwing has broken free and the land of Azeroth is torn asunder…well mostly. Join Ten Ton Hammer this week as we take a closer look at the effects of Cataclysm on Blizzard’s flagship franchise.

In addition to the physical makeover, the mechanics of the game have also undergone some major upheaval. Talent trees have been overhauled, dungeons have been revamped, healing mechanics are drastically different, the leveling process has been streamlined from 1 to 60 and a new secondary tradeskill has been added. In the midst of such sweeping changes it may seem absurd to even suggest that more should have been done. But this is the internet and the absurd is what were good at.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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