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Five Ways To PvP Without Honor In EVE Online, Part 1 (EVE Online Guide)

Posted Sat, Dec 31, 2011 by Space Junkie

Even though the rules of EVE Online gameplay are broad, there are perfectly legal tactics some space factions eschew as ruthless, taboo, or unfair. This guide will explain five such techniques, designed to give the daring player an advantage in EVE PvP over opponents.

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Honor is a strange concept in a game like EVE Online. EVE's open format allows for many approaches to game play and enables players to evaluate their success using self-defined metrics. Some players judge their success based on the number of friends they accrue or how much ISK is in their bank account. For others, 'winning' in EVE Online means racking up as many killmails and saved chat logs of crying carebears as possible, regardless of the means used. This guide is for the latter group.

Solo Maneuvers...

1. Warp Core Stabilizers

Warp core stabilizers are the original dishonorable PvP tactic in EVE, as people have been complaining about how 'unfair' they are since they were introduced with EVE Online's launch in 2003. The premise of the module is very simple: fit one to improve your resistance against warp disruption. In exchange, you suffer a penalty to your scan resolution, meaning it takes longer for you to lock targets. This is a small price to pay for a modification that allows you to disengage from a battle and run at any time (so long as you have more warp core stabilizers than there are warp disruptors targeting you). Despite their blackened reputation, warp core stabilizers see regular use, especially by solo EVE PvPers in low security space.

To take advantage of this tactic, try using the set-up described in our guide to flying the solo gank Raven. Swap out a low slot for a warp core stabilizer and either deal with your reduced lock speed or switch to friend-or-foe missiles. FoF missiles automatically return fire on ships attacking you without locking a target. Though their haphazard nature makes them useless against groups, if there is only one target (and that target does not have drones), your missiles will hit them. This is also helpful if the target has a buddy in an ECM ship that prevents you from targeting him (more about this, later).

2. The Faithless Ransom

You'll recognize this next maneuver from both EVE Online and from classic movie villains.

Asking for a ransom in exchange for sparing targets was once a common practice amongst EVE Online pirates, who back in the day would actually attempt to make a living via piracy. Nowadays, EVE PvP is something you spend ISK on, rather than earn it. Still, there are many pirates that solicit ransoms when they have a helpless target. You should do that, too. Except you should blow them up, anyway.

Be sure to twirl your mustache and caper off, afterwards. Perhaps you might paste a tasteful ASCII image into local chat.

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