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Ten Ways To Prepare For War In EVE Online, Part Two (EVE Online Guide)

Posted Mon, Feb 06, 2012 by Space Junkie

Batten down your hatches with this EVE guide to preparing for war. Included are tips for getting ahead of your enemies, keeping your corporation supplied, and protecting your personal ISK-making ability.

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This is the second in a two-part series on gearing up for large-scale EVE PvP, especially in null-sec space. These tips will help you protect your ships and ISK flow, while making sure you can keep your corporation going, even when things get tough. For the first guide in this series, go here.

Pre-War Transport Of EVE Goods

6. Consolidate Regional Assets

If you are anything like me, you acquire stacks of materials all over whatever region you inhabit. Perhaps you grab items that are underpriced from the market, or nab stacks of neat stuff from hangar clearance contracts. Or maybe you just find it easier to leave ships and gear all over a region, rather than keep things consolidated in a single station. This is especially likely in the case of explorers, who must roam all over a region to run sites, and often end up leaving loot or supplies in little caches, all over the place. In any case, if things are about to get rough for your alliance, you should prepare by selling off and centralizing your goods.

This chiefly serves two purposes:

  • It allows you to better utilize your available resources in the defense of your region and achievement of your corporate goals.
  • If things go really badly and your alliance begins losing territory, you will be able to evacuate more easily and more effectively than if your goods were scattered throughout a region.

Some tips to reducing the amount of work involved:

  • If you have things that might be worth something on the local market, do not hesitate to throw them on the market, just to have less stuff to fetch and haul.
  • Though most null-sec regions do not have a very active courier contracts market, it might be worth throwing up some of your stuff on courier contracts. Even with relatively low pay, people will still pick up the contracts if they are heading that way, anyway.
  • Be sure to grab the stuff from your planetary customs offices, if applicable!

Everything that you move should be put either in your corporate/alliance "capital system", or else a system that ideal for evacuation (be it near another region or even an NPC station). The idea here is that, should the worst happen, you will not need to waste time worrying about your stuff or flying all over an enemy-infested region to pick up stacks of crap.

7. Evacuate Non-Essential Goods

As critical as consolidating all of your miscellaneous goods into one area is, it is even more important to reduce your overall null-sec ISK-investment footprint in order to lower your personal stakes during a big war. This is good firstly because it keeps things in the game from stressing you out, and secondly because it means you can live to fight another day, economically.


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