Summoners Rift can seem like a happy go lucky place, what with all the bubbling brooks and friendly dragons. That is unless one of these scarific champions shows up. Whether they're scary for their appearance or the skill set they bring, these are not the champions you want to meet 1 on 1 in a remote jungle bush.

FiddleSticks - What's scarier than a skeleton? One made of sticks and hay, that's what. Fiddle is a demonic scarecrow with glowing green eyes and a huge Scythe of death. When the giant Scythe doesn't work, fiddle throws evil crows at enemies while paralyzing them with fear and draining their life to fill his own. Ohya, and his ultimate causes him to pop out of nowhere in a blazing crowstorm of doom.

Nocturne - The Eternal Nightmare is the Freddy Kruegar of the LoL universe, hunting summoners in their dreams where they are most vulnerable to attack. Even after finally being trapped in the physical world, he still tried to kill any summoner he could get near. Now he is forced to battle in the League where he puts his dark powers to work dispatching champions and planting nightmares in their heads.

Kog'Maw - With the title "Mouth of the Abyss" you're bound to be one scary hombre. As soon as he made his way to Valoran Kog'Maw gained a taste for everything living, be it plants or people. Before he was finally captured and convinced to fight for the League (with the promise of champions to devour, he ate his way across Runterra in a non stop feeding frenzy of everything in his path. How he can eat so much is still up for debate, but many think it is due to the extremely powerful acid his body produces, which he also uses as an offensive weapon. Even if you do manage to take down Kog'Maw he has one last surprise; his body turns into a bomb that explodes shortly after death.

Annie - There's something about magical evil children that really brings out the scares. Pair that with a teddy bear that transforms into a giant demonic killer bear and you've got yourself a nightmare. Annie is the offspring of a warlock and a witch (surprise, surprise) and soon discovered she could perform all sorts of magical feats. Now as the youngest member of the League, she rains down fire on her enemies who wonder what she'll will truly be capable of once she becomes an adult.

Cho'Gath - Summoned from the void, a place between dimensions where only monsters live Cho'Gath made his way to Runterra but was quickly restricted to the League. He is a huge alien looking creature who not only seeks to destroy his enemies, but to feast on them himself. This consumption of heroes in the League allows him to grow stronger with each digested champion, increasing in size and power.

What champions keep you up at night? Let us know in the comments.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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