35 Pages Devoted to Your
Priestly Destiny

Those who have selected to play the Priest Archetype (Bear Shaman,
Priest of Mitra, Tempest of Set) can now find out how to achieve their
goals of ultimate heroism. Ten Ton Hammer is proud to bring you the
complete level 5-20 Priest Destiny quest guide which will answer all
your questions and tell you just how to get out of Tortage and on your
way to fame and glory. Don't miss this whopping 35-page guide!

The volcano is erupting and you need to hot-foot it
back out (see what
I did there?). Run through the erupting volcano and back to the
entrance. Along the way you'll run across some burning men. Pay them no
heed. Just keep running out. You can laugh at them if you wish.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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