Weapons in Guild Wars 2

Weapons will work a little differently in Guild Wars 2 than they do in traditional MMOGs. While each will still contain various stats that can enhance your character’s role in combat, they will also grant the user access to specific core skills based on their profession and a whole host of other gameplay variables. Learn all there is to know about weapons including types, sets, environmental objects as weapons and even Weapon Master achievements in our introduction to weapons in Guild Wars 2.

Weapon selection in Guild Wars 2 will essentially be the cornerstone of your character’s build. While Elite skills do exist in the game, it’s the skills that each weapon set grants you access to that will ultimately help shape your role in combat. However, like all skills in the game, those obtained through your equipped weapon sets will also be customizable through the Traits system. For example, a physical dagger attack could be turned into a ranged attack instead depending on which specific traits you slot.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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