What could be more frightening than a sadistic preschooler with magical flame powers? One that can summon a giant flaming teddy bear. Annie is a pint sized spell caster and as the product of a witch and a warlock, she has access to powerful supernatural abilities that let her conjure fire and turn her favorite teddy bear into a full sized shadow bear the only she can control.

Annie’s high damage output makes her a great choice for mid lane, and her crowd control makes her perfect for jungling. Whatever roles you decide to use her in, here are some tips to help get you started with Annie.

Use Disintegrate to Farm

Annie’s Q is not only an excellent tool to use for farming minions because it increases the odds of you landing the last hit, but also because it refunds all of it’s mana when it kills the target. In addition to that, landing the killing blow will also cut the cool down timer in half, allowing you to keep on last hitting in quick succession without using any mana whatsoever.

Timing Your Passive

Pyromania is an extremely good passive because it gives every one of Annie’s abilities a crowd control effect each time you use 4 abilities. This flexibility gives you a CC option in every situation. Large group of enemy champions you want to stun? Charge up pyromania and then bear drop or incinerate them for an AoE stun.

It’s equally for single targets when using your Disintegrate ability. Charge pyromania before heading to a lane to gank, and then use that Q to initiate, locking them down for you and your teammate to kill.

Even if you don’t have an immediate plan to attack someone it’s a good idea to keep pyromania fully or partially charged so that you’re always ready for battle.

Build Defensively

Annie’s short range means she has to go right into the danger zone before she can start dealing damage making her an easy target. For this reason it’s always a good idea to build her defensive attributes up while still adding to her AP. Some good items for this are Rod of Ages, which will buff her health, Abyssal Scepter for increased magic resistance, and Zhonya’s Hourglass if you need some additional armor as well as it’s active that renders you invulnerable for a short period of time.

Bear Dropping

The bear drop is one of the most powerful AoE crowd controls (as well as damage) in the game when it is paired with pyromania, and is capable of turning the tide of many team fights on it’s own. As Annie your team will also be looking for you to engage with this ability so try and keep an eye out for when the enemy champions are grouped up.

Even if you only manage to stun half of the enemy team it still gives yours a massive advantage, usually enough time to pick off one or two of the squishier champs before their teammates can help.

Tanking with Tibbers

Tibbers usefulness doesn’t start and end with his drop; he also makes a very good meat shield. If your team emerges victorious from a team fight and you want to quickly burn some towers but the minion wave is a mile away, send Tibbers in. He’s actually a pretty hearty bear and can take almost as much damage as a tanky champion could, more than enough time for your team to take the tower without a scratch.

Charge Up with Molten Shield

Molten shield in itself isn’t one of the more powerful defensive abilities, but it’s low cost make it perfect for charging up Annie’s passive. Another fun fact about Molten Shield is that if you use it while Tibbers is active he will gain the shield and an increase to his movement speed.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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