Ember is an important part of Anthem because it's integral to crafting weapons and abilities, as well as re-rolling both for bigger and better inscriptions. Without Ember, you'll struggle to create the best weapons that you need when you reach level 30. While you won't always use Ember as you level, it's undoubtedly valuable to farm them when neccesary, especially if you wish to switch Javelins and quickly improve their item level. 

Where To Find Ember

While many guides might make suggestions that Ember can be found in certain locations, the reality is that there are only five means of obtaining Ember, and only one of those is gaurenteed to provide the most valuable (Masterwork). 

1. Chests: Whether you kill a boss in a Stronghold, complete an event, or find a chest in Freeplay, they all have a chance to drop Ember based on your level. You won't, as an example, grab Masterwork Ember from a boss chest if you're level 1. However, you will at level 30. 

2. Harvesting: Scattered around the game world, whether running missions or completing events in Freeplay, are a variety of nodes. They’re indicated on your HUD when flying, and you simply need to harvest them [F] or destroy them with an attack. Each node is unique, and provides a component (usually one or two). Freeplay typically offers more nodes than a mission, but the drop rates remain the same.

3. Salvaging: As your main source of materials, salvaging existing weapons and abilities provides a great deal of resources. The higher the rarity of the weapon or ability you salvage, the greater the components you obtain. Salvaging a weapon or ability of a specific rarity significantly improves the chances that you'll obtain Ember of the same type.

4. Store/Shop: In Fort Tarsis there’s a shop (next to the Forge) as well as a vanity store (just down from your Javelin on the right hand side) which sell Ember items. All the Ember available cost Gold or Shards, and provide a gaurenteed means of gaining something specific salvaging alone can’t guarantee you.

5. Challenges: Daily, Weekly and Monthly Challenges provide Ember on completion, with stacks of 25, 50 and 100. They're fairly easy to complete, and are often enough to create at least 5 Masterwork items. 

Ember Types

There are four Ember: 

  • Uncommon (Green)
  • Rare (Blue)
  • Epic (Purple)
  • Masterwork (Orange)

To craft any weapon or ability, you'll need multiple of the Ember and its rarity. In most cases, it's 5. Unsurprisingly, when you reach Masterwork standard and are seeking to constantly re-roll your Inscriptions, the need to farm or directly buy Ember becomes incredibly important. Most often, I've found regularly running Strongholds on Hard difficulty (or higher) yields enough gold to quickly buy Embers. 

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Last Updated: Feb 26, 2019

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