Anthem has officially launched, and despite many who dived in early already having reached end-game content, there'll be plenty of new players seeking to get into the game, and get their hands on the best weapons. 

Although we've already discussed crafting in one of our guides, I wanted to further detail how you create Masterwork weapons. These are higher tier than Epic, the second highest below Legendary, and are key to you being able to succeed at Grandmaster 1 and above.

The process of obtaining a Masterwork weapon is twofold:

  • Obtain a Masterwork weapon from a chest or enemy. 
    • There are 6 Masterwork weapons that can drop from Normal > Hard difficulties. 
    • The remaining Mastework pool of weapons and abilities drops from Grandmaster 1 and above.
  • Complete challenges with your chosen Masterwork weapon, to the point where you can then craft the Masterwork version.

Challenges vary weapon by weapon, and you'll need to enter your Journal [J] to determine what your chosen weapon needs in order to unlock the Blueprint.


In the image above, it details my Avenging Herald Challenge. I first found the pistol itself at Masterwork quality from a drop, equipped it, and then completed the Challenge (Defeat 10 Legendary enemies). Once done, it rewarded the Avenging Herald Blueprint. Typically, most Masterwork Challenges simply involve you:

  • Killing Legendary Enemies
  • Completing Missions or World Events

With the Blueprint obtained, you're then free to continually craft the pistol (or weapon of choice) until you find a set of Inscriptions exactly to your liking. Unfortunately, creating Masterwork weapons is resource intensive and you'll need to obtain Masterwork Ember. These can be obtained by:

  • Salvaging Masterwork weapons and abilities (gaurenteed Masterwork Ember)
  • Harvesting a node (low chance)
  • Boss/World Event Chests (low chance)

At this point, it's simply a case of farming Masterwork Embers, and the other materials needed, to craft your chosen weapon until you're fully happy with the Inscription.

Ten Ton Hammer would like to thank Blippers from Immortalis Noctis for helping me produce this guide.

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Last Updated: Feb 21, 2019

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