Despite offering a robust singleplayer campaign, Anthem is very much a game that's all about loot, itemisation and personal gear progression. There's undoubtedly a treadmill in the game, and while playing through the story will inevitably allow you to level to end-game, it's only the beginning of your need to repeat content in order to improve your Javelin. 


In Anthem, you play as a pilot and choose one of four Javelin. While you can have multiple pilot profiles, your progress is based on your active play and with both your pilot and Javelin being upgradeable, you can effectively have multiple accounts (especially if sharing a console). As you level up your pilot and Javelin, you'll be free to choose upgrades which directly affect your pilot and its impact on your chosen Javelin.

Pilot Progression

The maximum level as a pilot is 30, and as you level up, you'll gain the opportunity to improve your general play when in a Javelin. Pilot progression is easy to obtain, and simply requires you to play through the story content in order to obtain experience and level quickly. 

Javelin Progression

Your total Javelin level is in the top right corner of the Forge.

Javelin progression is significantly different to pilot, and is arguably where the "end game" is at. Each Javelin you play, and obtain items and equipment for, has an eventual item level (or ilvl). Anyone familiar with World of Warcraft will feel right at home here, with every item you obtain going into an average pool to determine your total Javelin level. Simply put, the better gear you get, the higher your Javelin level, and the greater access you'll have to "harder" repeat content.  


As noted above, loot in Anthem directly improves the level of your Javelin and is fundamental to strengthening your exosuit. Loot is only revealed once an Expedition is complete, and will include upgrades such as weapons, gear and components. Items can only be equipped once you return back to the Forge. 

Killing enemies always has a chance for loot to drop, and some encounters will also leave a treasure chest behind which you can comb through. Chests are also discoverable in free play, or in a mission. Completing a mission will add loot to your backpack, and all loot is determined by your pilot level. 

  • Level 1-9 Uncommon
  • Level 10-19 Rare
  • Level 20-29 Epic
  • Level 30+ Masterwork (with a small chance to drop Legendary items).


A key, and integral part of Anthem, is repeating content and playing specific content at ever increasing difficulities. Playing at higher difficulties not only makes enemies a great deal tougher, but allows you to obtain Masterwork items (that's the good stuff). Fundamentally, you'll want to slowly work your way up through the difficulties obtaining gear, to become strong enough to complete the next bar. 




"Recommended for players who wish to have the most challenging combat experience available, Hard difficulty requires teamwork and skill to be successful. Enemy damage and health is increased by 300%. The drop chance of maximum rarity is increased by 100%."

Grandmaster 1

"Recommended minimum Javelin rarity: Epic. Enemy damage and health is increased by 700%. The drop chance of masterworks is increased by 150%."

Grandmaster 2

"Recommended minimum Javelin rarity: Masterwork. Enemy damage and health is increased by 1500%. The drop chance of masterworks is increased by 200%."

Grandmaster 3

"Recommended minimum Javelin rarity: Legendary. Enemy damage and health is increased by 3100%. The drop chance of masterworks is increased by 250%."

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Last Updated: Feb 25, 2019

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