There are certain quests (Tomb of Yvenia) in Anthem that require you to locate a number of Chests. In addition, Chests in Freeplay are a valuable source of Ember. While their ability to drop loot has been nerfed (you'll struggle to regularly find quality weapons or abilities in them), they do still offer value if you happen to be flying past. I will caveat this guide however with several points:

  • There could be more chest locations on the map, but these are seemingly the most common that my guild and the community have found.
  • Chests randomly spawn and you may find when you go to a location, there isn't a chest there. 
  • Some Chests (marked blue) are underwater. 
  • Don't waste time searching too heavily for a Chest. If you can't see one in the location marked, move on to the next (it likely hasn't spawned). 
  • Chests have a clear indicator when near, and can be interacted with even when under fire.
  • Chest farming isn't exciting. You're best undertaking it when near a location, rather than grinding the flight path.
  • Farming Chests in Freeplay is best on Grandmaster 2 difficulty: this increases your chances of loot. 

Anthem Chest Locations

[1] The first Treasure Chest is just east of Fort Tarsis. On the corner of the wall, right next to a turret, is where you'll find chest

[2] Below the first, and into the water, is a huge waterfall. Fly down the waterfall to the north-west and the second is immediately at the bottom

[3] In the second pool of water - still submerged - (after collecting chest number 2) is another chest near some broken wreckage that's easily collected.

[4] Out of the water to the north-east there's a Chest near to a set of Artificer tents (there's a cluster of them). The chest is just outside the entrance of one.

[5] Looking east, head back over the water below to to the rock plateau, with another campsite and as you'd expect, another treasure chest.

[6] As you head back to location [4], you fall from the north side and at the bottom is another Chest against the cliff.

[7] If you turn immediately north-west, you'll see a large pillar of rock. Head to the top, and around the edge is the Chest. 

[8], [9] Go west from your location, and you'll find a small camp just near the water. I've had two Chests spawn here in slightly different places, with one near the camp, and one slightly on the cliff edge. 

[10] Head west again, above the water and the bridge and just at the back - towards the cave entrance - you'll see a Chest on the right-hand side. 

[11] I've only encountered this Chest several times, but if you head through the cave (infront of you from [10]) there's another just out of the doorway on the right near the second bridge. Turn around and fly north-east, where you'll find a destroyed tower just inside the Great Falls Canyon. Inside it is another chest.

[12] Head north-east and at the location, there's an abandoned tower. Just inside it is the twelfth Chest.

[13] Just south-east of your location and over the river, near a small camp, is another Chest. This hasn't been frequent for me, but has been looted a few times. 

[14] Head east again, following the river, and over a few bridges, and on the right hand-side, on an abandoned camp, is the next Chest.

[15] Dive into the water as you follow the stream north, and at the base is another Chest (you'll be in the words Great Falls on the map).

[16] If you turn around from [15], behind you as you swim forward is a cave area with another Chest on the floor (another sometimes also spawns just around the corner).

[17] Head to the surface and fly south into the Valley of Tarsis. On the western wall, just off from the river (against an overhang) is the seventeenth Chest.

[18] Nearby and out in the reeds, there's sometimes a chest bang in the middle besides some minor wreckage.

[19] Similarly to 18, I've seen a Chest here several times (but not in the last few days). Just head onto the rock face and it's at the side. 

[20] Head slightly north-east and you'll see a bridge. At its entrance, drop down the cliff and at the base of the bridge is a cave. Head inside for the Chest.

[21] Immediately after [20], head back over the bridge to the south, into the water on the other side, and there's another Chest.

[22] Head up out of the water, and immediately outside (on your left if looking south) is another cave with another Chest. 

[23] Another easy one, just follow the river south and head underwater another Chest.

[24] Head south again, but cling onto the cliff wall to the west and you'll find another Chest just off the river edge. 

[25] Hop back into the blue right in the middle of the river underwater, for Chest number 25. 

[26] As a final chest, head out the water and east for another easy pickup on the bank.

Ten Ton Hammer would like to thank Immortalis Noctis, Dawnstor and Theri for helping us pull these locations together. 

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Last Updated: Feb 26, 2019

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