Farming gold in Heroes of the Storm is odd, because gold isn't generated during the game, but instead generated after. In this guide we're going to go over all of the tips you need to know to earn gold fast and get all of the heroes you want to play unlocked ASAP. 

Gold - What is it Good For 

Earning gold in HotS grants you the ability to purchase specific heroes and mounts. Heroes each have a gold and cash cost, which is generally related (a $9.99 hero is usually 10k gold). Skins are not purchasable for gold, all cosmetic only options are locked either as a level requirement for a hero or purchasable with money. The exception being master skins, which are only purchasable for 10k gold. 

Newer heroes cost more in gold than other heroes. For instance, a new hero could cost 15k gold but will still sale for $9.99. 

Earning Gold the Fast Way 

At first glance, the basic permanent income for gold is simply 10 for a co-op win, 20 for a versus loss, and 30 for a versus win. You'd need at least 10 games to earn 300 gold and with some heroes costing up to 15k, you'd think you'd need to play an infinite amount of games to earn anything. 

That's not true though, because you get 500 gold for each hero you get to level 5 (which is literally just a few games). Take 10 heroes to level 10 and you'll not only have the 5,000 gold but you'll also cash in on the match wins/losses, etc. In addition, as you level up, you can earn huge chunks of gold. Level 2 and 4 give 1,000 gold each. Level 8 and 12 give you 2,000 gold. So that's a free 4,000 gold right there while you're leveling your heroes up. 

There is more! Daily quests give you the majority of your gold income. We'll talk about them in a bit. Outside of that, there is one more tool to really up your gold earnings: stimpack. A stimpack makes the 30 gold you get from a victory into 75, making it much easier to obtain gold. The 150% gold is additive, so if you earn 10 gold, you'll get 15 extra gold for 25 gold. 

So if you really want to farm gold fast (especially for gold only items like master skins) then you'd for sure want to stimpack. Stimpacks DO NOT effect daily quests, player level rewards, etc. 

Daily Quests 

Each day you are granted one quest and can hold up to three quests at a time. Completing the quests will give you about 200~300 gold each based on how many games are played usually (100 gold for each game played). It's best to clear these out ASAP, because once you reach three, you can't get a new one until the next day. You can find daily quests by clicking on your profile. They all include playing specific hero types or winning a specific amount of games. You can find which game each hero came from by sorting on the shop screen.

Ultimate Farming Technique 

The fastest way to farm gold in Heroes of the Storm is to simply apply a stimpack and play versus as much as you can. At worst, you get 25 gold, at best you get 75. After say 20 or 30 games, you'll have several thousand gold plus you'll be able to get as many heroes as you want to level 5 quickly (due to the 100% xp boost, effectively double XP). 

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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