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style="width: 600px; text-align: left; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;"
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valign="top"> style="width: 254px; height: 640px;" alt="Bajoran"
src=""> style="text-align: center; vertical-align: top;" valign="top"> style="width: 350px; height: 100px;" alt=""
src=""> colspan="2" rowspan="1" valign="top">Bajorans
have one of the oldest cultures in the Federation, but they suffered
greatly during the Cardassian occupation in the 2300s. They are a
deeply spiritual race dedicated to their gods, the Prophets, and most
wear an elaborate earring on the right ear as a symbol of their faith.
The resemble humans, but have a distinct set of nose ridges. Bahoran
custom places the surname before the given name. Their race is one of
the most recent to join the United Federation of Planets. valign="top">

style="font-weight: bold;">Bajoran Required Traits

style="width: 34px; height: 45px;" alt=""
src=""> style="font-weight: bold;">Creative

+5% Damage and Healing with Kits style="width: 34px; height: 45px;" alt=""
src=""> style="font-weight: bold;">Spiritual

+10% Heals Received and +10% Regeneration   valign="top">

style="font-weight: bold;">Additional
Traits to Choose: 2

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016